Sexy Wavy Hair


This is two way curler, which I can curl and straighten it:)
also this is very light, not heavy! it takes only 10 seconds to curl it and it's amazing:)
LOVE this 2 ways curlerrr hehe


Rimmel Lash Accelerator

so I've been using Lash Accelerator from Rimmel.
& I would give a big applause for this mascara!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara!

it totally gives me long long lashes, and do not clump at all! :)
i do not have that long of bottom lashes, but this mascara gives me full pretty lashes on the bottom!

I would definitely repurchase this.

red lipstick!

i got a red lipstick and grey color contacts! idk if you can tell....-_-
oh well. i think it matches my black hair!:)

smokey eyes...i dnt think i can pull smokey eyes look...hmm..
or maybe i'm just bad at smokey eyes make up...haha

andd this is the look for TAG: 25 questions!

check my outfit of the day! :)


Got a cute flower hairband:)

Do you guys like my new flower hairband?

I got a pink one too :)
got it from accesorize with only $4!
it was on sale. original price is $14.

It's raining and a little bit snowing today...
really gloomy day... oh well.

Have a great day!