Rimmel Lash Accelerator

so I've been using Lash Accelerator from Rimmel.
& I would give a big applause for this mascara!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara!

it totally gives me long long lashes, and do not clump at all! :)
i do not have that long of bottom lashes, but this mascara gives me full pretty lashes on the bottom!

I would definitely repurchase this.

red lipstick!

i got a red lipstick and grey color contacts! idk if you can tell....-_-
oh well. i think it matches my black hair!:)

smokey eyes...i dnt think i can pull smokey eyes look...hmm..
or maybe i'm just bad at smokey eyes make up...haha

andd this is the look for TAG: 25 questions!

check my outfit of the day! :)


Got a cute flower hairband:)

Do you guys like my new flower hairband?

I got a pink one too :)
got it from accesorize with only $4!
it was on sale. original price is $14.

It's raining and a little bit snowing today...
really gloomy day... oh well.

Have a great day!


My First Make Up Tutorial!

it took a very very long time trying to record and edit...
and after editing and saved file, i realized that there was some advertisement in the middle...sigh.
first tutorial video kinda failed.. :(
but...hopefully someone would watch my videos...
thank you!

My Kitty:)

Hi guys, I just wanted to show you my little kitty!<3
hehe I love him! :)

are you a cat lover?



Quick Haul!

Lash Accelerator by Rimmel
One by One volum express by Maybelline
Colossal by Maybelline
Super Stay 24/ 2 color steps by Maybelline

Dyed my hair to black!

hey guys! I dyed my hair to black.... well, i guess my hair is BACK to black now...
I feel weird whenever I look at myself cause I had brown hair for almost 3 years...
anywaysss. this is the look.

Enjoy your day! :)


Shopping too much?!

I went shopping and bought a lot of clothes and shoes today!
I think I've been buying so many things these days.... maybe I should save my money...

Oh well... anyways, I'll be doing a haul of what I bought today soon! :D
check out my youtube channel:D
I also made a tumblr to keep track of my diet! :)

Enjoy your saturday!


Victoria's secret "Hello, Bombshell" make up kit

Hi guys! So, it was my birthday yesterday...
and I am officially 19 years old!
omg, I feel very old...it's the last year of my teenage years, so I want to do as much as I can as a teenager!

Anyways, so look what I got...
I got "Hello, Bombshell" make up kit from Victoria's Secret from my boyfriend! :)
it comes with 30 shades of eyeshadows, 10 lip colors, 4 blushes, 1 highlight, 1foundation, and bronzer!
oh yeah, and also mascara, and 2 eyeliners, and brushes!
this kit has everything you need to put make ups on.
the eyeshadows have some shimmers in it, so when you put it on your eyes sparkle!
I also love the lipstick color esp the cherry red lip because this is not tooo red red, (if u know what i mean) and it totally suits my face color.
I'm soo thankful that my bf gave me this! :D


Northeastern Japan Earthquake

It's already been a week since the earthquake in Japan had happened.
It was a very big earthquake with a magnitude of  9 causing tsunami afterwards. Luckily, I was in America at the time when this happened because I was on a spring break. I never imagined that this would happen. Many people had passed away, lost their loved ones, lost their posessions. Even the people who evacuated to the higher places, they probably watched tsunami wiping away their houses, cars, and their town. They might have had to see other people being wiped away.  When I think about it, it really breaks my heart.
After this incident, the nuclear plant had exploded and Japan is in a very dangerous situation. The government says that this radiation does not affect the health of humans, but I'm not sure if I can believe that.
I hope my family, and my friends will not be affected by this radiation.
I am very grateful by the other countries helping and praying for Japan, and I am also grateful that I am alive.
By this incident, I think that I should live my life with a deep gratitude.

Sephora COLLECTION : Color Play - 5 in 1 II

Color play - 5 in 1 from Sephora collection
It comes in 50 eye shadow colors, 10 lip colors, and 5 cheek colors.
It has 5 sections, and each section can be removed from the palette and put it into the portable compact that comes with the palette. (It's in the right side of this palette)
It mainly has darker colors, but there are bright colors so if you want to just pop some color in, you can.
If you want smokey eyes look, then this is the palette that you'd want to get.
You can also make brighter eyes look, just by mixing up all the pop colors!
Oerall, its a really good palette, and I really love it! :)


Hi everyone!

This is the first time posting:)
I don't even know if anyone would read my blog, but I'm planning to talk about fashion, make ups and diets and maybe other random things!

I also wanted to keep track of my diets by posting up on a blog..I thought this might help me lose weight...hopefully.