Northeastern Japan Earthquake

It's already been a week since the earthquake in Japan had happened.
It was a very big earthquake with a magnitude of  9 causing tsunami afterwards. Luckily, I was in America at the time when this happened because I was on a spring break. I never imagined that this would happen. Many people had passed away, lost their loved ones, lost their posessions. Even the people who evacuated to the higher places, they probably watched tsunami wiping away their houses, cars, and their town. They might have had to see other people being wiped away.  When I think about it, it really breaks my heart.
After this incident, the nuclear plant had exploded and Japan is in a very dangerous situation. The government says that this radiation does not affect the health of humans, but I'm not sure if I can believe that.
I hope my family, and my friends will not be affected by this radiation.
I am very grateful by the other countries helping and praying for Japan, and I am also grateful that I am alive.
By this incident, I think that I should live my life with a deep gratitude.

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